Blog posts of '2013' 'March'



Jota Mas Ge is the female clothing line created by designers Juana Ruiz and Garbiñe Urdanpilleta, who with over 20 years creating collections from Bilbao international renown.
  The company reflects its strong personality designs always loaded with optimism and freshness, you will always find a different proposal, colorful and original.
  If there is something different about Jota Mas Ge that are their exclusive designs: pictorial, photographic or artistic, that accompany each season each environment providing the style that characterizes the firm.
For a urban woman of spirit young.




Miette is a fashion specializing in women's trousers.

With an extreme feminity gets pattern design of each

garment making it fit your body and enhancing women's


All garments are made in Spain, following a careful process

quality and exellence. All to get a finished garment exepcional.

Trousers are versatile, we serve so much for work and for out

for drinks with friends.