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                                            8 steps to Organize Your Closet

Do you have a closet full of clothes and get dressed with the same sets? Have little clothing and you despair because they mix? Would you like to be able to wear all the clothes in your closet and know that your image is impeccable every time?
Prepare in advance for the task and think it may be even fun. We will need a full body mirror and use quality lingerie for clothes we test us we feel good.
As for the hangers, we must decide whether we want plastic or wooden. The result is even better if all the hangers are equal.

              1. Come on!

START WITH A CLEAN SPACE We will take all clothes from the closet and put them on the bed and shoes on the floor. So we can see all we have. Garments that are very old, they are damaged closet must disappear.

               2. Try your cloting

It's time to check that everything is in order, no holes, loose threads, indelible stains. If it is too shrill, a color that we feel terrible, outdated or do not like, we have to take it away from him.
If we throw some basic garment is the time point in our shopping list we have to replace it.
Garments that require dry-cleaned or washed in some arrangement put them aside and be sure to do so as soon as possible.


               3. Separate tops and down the bar

Shirts, tops and jackets to the side of the bar, skirts and pants to another. So you can make visual combinations in a quick look. Book a room for long garments. . Other garments as jeans, shirts, jerseys and other foldable.

               4. Place the underwear in tight spaces organizers

The best way to order the lingerie is having a small drawer. Divides the interior of drawers with a slat or a simple basic fabric organizer.

                5. Search original solutions for the complements

If you have lots of handkerchiefs, scarves, pashminas, maybe you should make a hanger rings. It's convenient because you do not need all folded.


                6. The last thing you wear, upstairs

If you want to save some clothes because I love you. No need to find your grandmother knitted sweater that every time we open the closet.
Place on top of the clothes closet of less use. Buy large cardboard boxes and clothing stores there is no season, placing them in the trunk shelf
Although the vast majority


                  7. Shoes

shoemakers used to store shoes, there are people who prefer to place their shoes in the closet, as it is a comfortable and convenient option and can have them always at hand. Also, is the choice to make spaces that adapt perfectly to the size of the shoe and are often wasted.
There are different alternatives for storing footwear inside the furniture. The simplest option is to place shelves that can be positioned horizontally or with a certain inclination.
Another alternative is to keep the shoes in their own boxes. So, can form stacks to get more space, but too many boxes can do the task of removing hard shoes when you want to use and save them back to later.

                 8. Place a rack outside the closet

I will put the hanger of clothes for the next day.

And finally, celebrate.Congratulations! You're done. Do not you feel great? You deserve a special reward for your hard work. Get out to dinner, Go get a massage. Rent your favorite movie. Be happy.Your closet is!





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